Melon diet - Quick weight loss

Melon diet - 5 days suggest melon menu to optimize the antioxidant properties of this fruit. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Brain 15 minutes to realize the melon diet feeling of fullness, so if you eat too fast, the stomach is full and your brain will always need food.

On this diet you can eat fish and chicken, rice, mushrooms, cheese, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, cabbage and green beans melon diet. Do not forget to drink melon water diet plenty of liquids: water, tea and fruit juice.
day 1

- Breakfast: half a melon, yogurt with 20 g of oatmeal;
- Lunch, 150 g of cooked chicken meat, 200 grams of melon diet green beans and a slice of melon;
- Dinner: scrambled eggs, 30 grams of rice with tomato sauce and a slice of melon.

day 2

- Breakfast: 20 g of cheese with a slice of bread and melon diet half a melon;
- Lunch: Chicken salad with boiled cabbage and a slice of melon;
- Dinner: cooked mushrooms in a pan without oil, and melon.

day 3

- Breakfast: an egg with a slice of toast and an amount melon plan diet of melon;
- Lunch: vegetable soup, 100 g of boiled beef, 2 boiled potatoes;
- Dinner: content Melon melon plan diet heart.

day 4

- Melon plan diet breakfast: a cup of milk, 30 g of oat flakes a slice of melon;
- Lunch: 2 tomatoes stuffed with rice and boiled chicken;
- Dinner: a big green salad and a slice of melon.

day 5

- Breakfast: cantaloupe and any melon water diet amount;
- Lunch: 200 g of fish, 30 g of rice with tomato melon plan diet sauce;
- Dinner: 30 grams of cooked rice with mushrooms and tomato sauce, a slice of melon.

The recommendation is to keep the plan for 10 consecutive days. If you like melon diet, enjoy melon diet cure!
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