Fish oil and Omega-3 for beginners.

Lets take first about the fish oil , when we talk about the fish oil we are talking the omega-3 , it the most important nutrient for your heart and brain ,
so when we talk about omega-3 we are talking about our hearts , for sure all of us need our heart to be healthy .

brain and heart is the most powerfull ran in our body , if these 2 organs don't work it means we are done , so you have to take care about your brain and your heart .

Omega-3 sources : 

we got omega-3 from fish, seeds , nuts and also whole egg but it has saturated fat as well which you don't need that much .
If you are eating fish , seeds and nuts everyday then you  are getting omega-3 from your diet , then you don't need it from a supplement , your daily recommendation of omega-3 is 500mg , when you reach it your heart will be healthy

Benefits of talking omega-3 :

you may be surprised to find the out, Omega-3 cab help individuals in all age groups , 
  1. lets start with the First one that Decreases the Risk of Heart attack and strock.
  2.  second one it Helps reduce joint pain.
  3. Then to jump to the third on
  4. Also it can Decreases the risk for Cancer and it can help you by weight loss . e which say that Omega-3 improves concentration and cognitive functioning .

Is it safe ?

Most of the studies said that up to 3grams of fish oil in supplement is safe for the normal people , and we advice to discuses your doctor first before talking more than 3 grams .

 We have article about the best supplement we recommended , check it out :

Best supplement for the Omega-3 . 

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